Have a Cozy Holidays at Minamiizu!

While Tokyo is beginning to get colder, especially at dawn, Minamiizu continues to be warm. Below is the weekly forecast comparison from the Weather News. The upper row shows the weather forecast for Tokyo and the lower row shows the weather forecast for Minamiizu. Look and see the difference of the temperatures!




As you can see from the charts above, the maximum temperature does not significantly differ, but when you look at Minamiizu’s lowest temperature, you can see that it is warmer than Tokyo. We are already in the middle of December and the lowest temperature in Minamiizu is still in the double digits for most days. As a matter of fact, some people who are travelling from Tokyo by train notice the changes of the temperature once they get off at Shimoda. Since Minamiizu is surrounded by the warm Kuroshio current, the place is blessed with relatively comfortable weather. Even by this month of the year, tropical plants such as hibiscus can still be seen blooming in gardens.

In addition, Shimoda has a lot of activities that will help you spend a warm and cozy winter; for example, hot springs anywhere around the corner and Kinme shabu-shabu! Aquaholic, the luxurious rental villa on the alluring Iritahama beach is equipped with floor heaters throughout the building, so you can stay in warmth and comfort. We look forward to hosting you soon.