Guide in Booking Your Next Vacation Rental

In today’s pandemic era, vacation rentals or rental homes have become popular compared to traditional hotel rooms. Many people like vacation rentals because they can get the whole place to be exclusive to their family or friends only. Aquaholic Iritahama, a luxurious villa located on the alluring Iritahama beach can be your next vacation rental. It is a home away from home feeling when you get to rent the entire place on your vacation. You can cook your favorite meal and enjoy it in peace with the whole family or friends. However, its perks also have associated downsides, such as when you don’t do your due diligence in choosing or searching for a place where you want to get a vacation rental. To avoid that, here is the ultimate guide in booking your next vacation rental.

1. Know What Type of Vacation You Want.
If you have any plans to go on vacation, you must know where you want to go and the activities you want to do. Is it at the beach or sightseeing? In Iritahama you can do both, it has a beach that is considered one of the most beautiful in Japan. This beach attracts many tourists who like water activities and sightseeing in the afternoon and are amazed by the picturesque nature surrounding it.

2. Get to know the location.
Getting to know the location is important if you are looking for a place to eat or a store to buy some supplies needed before or during your stay. Some hosts will give tips and recommendations on where or what places to go. For instance, Aquaholic Iritahama will give you a full and handy Welcome Guide, days before you check-in. The welcome guide has all the details about the facility and the place, from floor plans to the list of restaurants nearby and accesses going to the area. The host will give it to you online after confirming your reservation or you can have it hard copy for yourself just in case accessing it online is difficult for you.

3. Be sure to review ALL house rules before your trip and SHARE them with the group
Do not be lazy to read the house rules and fine print and remember all the important details such as the proper use of facility amenities, check-in and check-out policies, and so on – for Aquaholic Iritahama they make sure it is well written on the booking platform, host posting, and welcome guide. They will make it easy for you to have a seamless stay at Aquaholic.

Make sure everyone in the group knows the house rules and if ever you have questions or clarifications about the policies implemented make sure to ask your host and have good communication with your host to avoid any misunderstanding later on.

4. Set your Expectations
When it comes to how the host or owner manages the vacation rental, it differs from how the hotel rooms are managed. First of all vacation rentals are not like hotel rooms with regular cleaning and linen changes. Yet, some guests who stay longer would still like to request housekeeping but with an additional fee to the facility. Second and lastly, the host provides toiletries but it may not be enough for your total stay at the facility, in such matters you can ask the property management what they provide or you can also bring your refillable toiletry items on your trip.

5. If any issues arise, notify the host or property management immediately
This means, do not wait to check out and then complain or tell the host about your problem during your stay. You can notify them immediately so they to seek a solution on how to resolve the issues that arise. As I have mentioned in Tip #3, good host-guest communication is the key to a smooth and great vacation experience.

When you get to book at Aquaholic Iritahama, and if you have any questions or concerns about your stay, do not hesitate to approach the host and their friendly staff will be willing to assist you.