Autumn in Iritahama Beach is Romantic

The high summer season is far behind and Iritahama Beach’s atmosphere has transitioned from vibrant to quiet, calm and even romantic.  The beach is more appealing to visit in October when the ambience has toned down significantly.  One of the reasons you should visit Iritahama Beach in October is that the weather is still warm with just the right amount of humidity; and, you can still swim into the sea without a wetsuit during sunny days while the entire beach will be less crowded and bustling.  Especially when you go on a weekday where fewer people visit and you can experience it as if you are on a private beach.  Accommodation rates in October are also very reasonable compared to the high rates during the summer months.  Enjoying BBQ and beer under that autumn sun is definitely a perfect setting for you and your loved ones.  Do come and visit Iritahama Beach in October.


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