Interior designs are accented with the cool Light Blue color pattern.

Feel cool and relaxed with this building’s light blue color patterns. The building provides nothing but tranquility and comfort, especially with the dexter couch in the living room, an excellent place to unwind. Open the windows wide, comfortably sit on the couch, and start a nice conversation with friends over a delectable white wine. All of you are enjoying the moment, while creating lasting memories together.

Three bedrooms on the second floor with custom-made beds for that enjoyable sleeping experience. Luxury mattresses and linens are provided for that overall touch of elegance and satisfaction. You’ll sleep soundly as the calming sounds of the waves which can be heard from the window lulls you to sleep.

Meditate and calm your senses as you relax your body in the jacuzzi in front of the living room. The jacuzzi offers a wide view of the magnificent blue ocean and white sandy beach. Aside from the jacuzzi, you may experience soaking in warm water at our four open-air Goemonburo after chilling out in the sea. Relax and enjoy your stay in a holistic way at our villa.