A Recommended Wine and Pizza Restaurant, only 3 minutes walk along Iritahama beach

If you have visited Iritahama lately, you might have already heard of “FermenCo” – an authentic pizzeria that uses sourdough.  Sourdough is a natural yeast dough that uses wild yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria to rise.  FermenCo has been serving the visitors of Iritahama for two years now and if you haven’t visited the pizzeria yet, this might be your sign to do so.  The restaurant is open from noon to serve you lunch and has extended their service to dinner on weekends which is a perfect time to enjoy the sensual view of the sunset while enjoying a glass of natural wine.  The restaurant is a recommended place for everyone who would like a solitude moment of enjoying good food while gazing at the beautiful scenery of the beach.  We urge everyone to visit one of Iritahama’s hidden hideaways, FermenCo.