From mesmerizing beaches, historical landmarks to the cozy warm weather, not a speck of time is wasted in this scenic seaside city. If you feel like walking back in time when ancient Japan has thrive amongst American settlers, a perfect destination will be the Perry Road. After which you can proceed to Ryonsenji Temple and unravel rich collections of artifacts and documents from the famous blackship and commodore Perry. From Shimoda, you can easily visit Tome or commonly referred to as “water village” due to it numerous rivers. An annual celebration of the Blackship Festival held every 3rd Friday of May brings about locals and foreign tourists to flock and join the festivity. Weather in Shimoda is so pleasant with sunshine hours of about 2,500 hours per annum, compares to 1,800 hours in Tokyo. Snow can’t be experienced in this area due to the Kuroshio current. Not to mention, the marvelous sea with waters so clear and clean, perfect for various water sports such as surfing, fishing and diving.


The beach where Aquaholic is located is considered one of the best surfing meccas in Izu Peninsula. It has incredibly calm waves in a shallow water, perfect for budding surfers to master their moves. Situated on the south facing, Tatadohama, the next door beach, is a famous surfing spot with its constant set waves that has been a venue for surfing competitions. In addition, there are other surfing spots to visit such as Shirahama and Ohama in Shimoda. Aquaholic’s nearby surf shop “real surf shop” offers everything from rental surfboards to surfing lessons.  The lessons are held right in front of Aquaholic, so parents may enjoy watching their kids take lessons straight from their own balcony.


Kanaya Onsen

Built in 1866, Kanaya Onsen has been satisfying guests for ages. The featured onsen is the biggest in size made of Japanese cypress in the country. The place is beautifully preserved, with wooden fixtures and interiors ornate the historic place. There are 2 separate baths – one for the women and one for men, although the men’s bathing area could be a mixed bathing place if one should like to cross over. The bath is  huge, with a size of 15 meters in length and 5 meters wide, thus it is locally referred to as “1,000 person bath”.  The quality of water here is wonderful, low in alkaline and crystal clear, giving you nothing but refreshing and relaxing bath.

4-2 Kouchi Shimoda Shi, Shizuoka 415-0011, 3 minutes from Renjidaiji Station
TEL  0558-22-0325

Arom de Bonheur

If you feel like going for a spa, Aquaholic is close to Resort Esthe Spa in Shimoda Tokyu Hotel.  They offer services from facial to body treatments, including a selection of organic aromas that will conjure up feelings of relaxation and meditation, along with many other exquisite spa services.  They also serve thirst quenching drinks for spa goers to enjoy.  Click here for further details.

 5-12-1 Shimoda Shi, Shizuoka 415-8510, Tokyu Hotel 3 minutes by car from Aquahoilc
TEL 0558-22-2411

Shokichi No Yu

A hidden bath in Izu. The mere fact that you have to climb up the narrow steep road towards the facility is an adventurous trek you have to encounter before enjoying the wonderful healing waters. Water is high in alkaline (PH 9.5) and temperature is perfectly warm for that awesome relaxation and rejuvenating bath. Alkaline water is perfect for people with joint pains., aching muscles and most importantly to those who wants to have supple and soft skin. As history marks it, it is believed that Shoukichi-san has built the hot spring himself.

1066-24 Yokogawa, Shimoda Shi, Shizuoka. Only 20 to 30 minutes drive from Izukyu Shimoda station.
TEL 0558-28-0457

Hirizo Beach

Hirizo beach is one of the best snorkeling spot in the country as often featured on Japanese television. It is only a 20 minute drive from Aquaholic.  A ferry boat is there to take you from Nakagi Port to the beach for only 3 to 4 minutes. Reservation is not necessary but if you want to avoid lined up to board the ferry especially on weekends, make sure to be there early. The 1,500 yen ticket fare for the boat can be used as many times as you like within the day. The waters are very clear in Hirizo beach. You can see corals and sea creatures of every kind. If luck and timing is on your side, you may even catch a glimpse of endangered sea creatures such as green turtles. Friends, families or even solo, this water activity will surely deepen your relationship with nature.

Nakajima, Minami-Izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka. Opening period is from mid-July to late September.

Touji Sand Ski, Ryukutsudou

Just a 10 minute drive from Aquaholic, this unique and fun filled attraction in Shimoda is truly worth a visit. Take your sled and experience gliding from Toji Sand Ski. Feel the adrenaline rush while captivating the scenic view of the sea and strong sea breeze. Sleds can be rented from a guest house near the sand ski. After you have filled your heart’s content in sliding down the sand, you can walk towards Ryugu cave. Explore the cave’s beautiful rock formations and go for a stroll with your loved ones amidst the ocean crashing towards the cave. The cave has a magnificent heart-shaped cave hall, a popular rendezvous for lovers believing in it’s spiritual power of lasting love.  

691-1 Touji, Shimoda Shi, Shizuoka 415-0029


Located on the east side of Shimoda Port, Cape Tsumekizaki is the best way to be one with nature. With an Imperial Palace and Nature Park, the place is the venue of the Narcissus Festival held annually from end of December. Witness a vast Narcissus field, with the entire Cape Tsumekizaki swimming in the lovely fragrance of the dainty flower.  Enjoy trekking through the 2.8 km Suzaki coastal course if you are up for a superb view of the Izu Seven Islands.

Susaki, Shimoda Shi, Shizuoka 415-0014

Charter Yacht

If you want a unique experience for your vacation, Aquaholic offers information on charter yachts. You can enjoy cruising from coast to coast from a yacht accompanied by your own captain and crew that will navigate the entire expedition. All you have to do is relax and chill with a glass of champagne. You can visit hidden coves, dive, snorkel, swim and even do BBQ in places uncommon to tourists. You can spend half a day on a charter yacht after checking out from the villa. Click here for more details.

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