Aquaholic is a duplex consists of two wings; Wing A and Wing B. Wing A and Wing B are inverted types.  Each wing spans a total floor area of more than 150 m² embracing 3 bed rooms, assuring your stay with your loved ones in superb comfort.  A hanging chair and a jacuzzi on a spacious wooden balcony will truly enrich your experience, while you enjoy reading or dozing in the sun.  A roofed BBQ space is good in any weather.  A high wall extending into the front garden on the balcony will ensure full privacy on each side of the wings.  

Each wing can accommodate 6 adults and 4 children under the age of 6 years old (children 6 years old and older are counted as adults)*. Moreover, if you wish to rent the whole villa, a maximum of 12 guests can be accommodated.  Upon such occasion, the connecting sliding door on the balcony will be unlocked, providing access for guests to walk though over from one wing to the other.

* The maximum number of guests include any guests who visit Aquaholic regardless of whether or not those guests are staying overnight.