All You Need to Know About Cruise Charter

A cruise charter is a private cruise that you can enjoy together with your loved one, family and friends while traveling across coasts, coves or island destinations. Aquaholic’s private cruise will be accompanied by a professional captain and crew to ensure the safety and comfort of your voyage. While anchored in a beautiful cove, the perfect summer setting for sunbathing, some BBQ and chilled beverages, jumping off from the boat and snorkeling around will be unforgettable experience.   

Enjoying such a rare opportunity in Japan is made possible with Aquaholic. Get on board with our luxurious French built cruise yacht, Sense 50 and experience cruise charter at its finest, (see images of the yacht above).

(For more information about our cruise charter, please inquire from this form.)


                                 Regular Cruise Plan (July - August)


The yacht will be waiting on an anchorage for you to be on board.  Enjoy your time on board, enjoy snorkeling, do BBQ or simply relax with a bottle of champagne while admiring the scenery.  Foods and drinks are not included in the cruise plan.  


Depart from the cove and cruise for 1 hour.
(If you wish to stay anchored for the next hour, you may continue to enjoy the anchorage.)


Return to Shimoda Bay.

Price: 230,000 yen (tax included) up to 6 adults.


                             Special Cruise Plan (June - September)


If the Regular Cruise Plan has made you craving for more, there’s a higher and more interesting cruise plan for you.  Explore some of the secluded places rarely visited by tourists and spend an overnight stay at one of Izu’s beautiful islands.  This plan is only available to the guests who already experienced the regular cruise plan above and the guests who meet the captain’s safety screening requirements.  

Price: 350,000 yen (tax included) per night, up to 6 adults.


                                           Yacht Details


Amenities: Captain 15.27 meters, Beneteau France, air conditioned, BBQ grill, wine cellar, water heater, ice maker

Layout: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, kitchen and living room




  • You must agree to the Cruise Charter Pledge which will be sent to you after making the reservation.
  • In general, cruise charters will be held regardless of the wether conditions (light rain and moderate wind), unless the conditions are expected to be hazardous. 
  • Depending on certain marine weather conditions, we may have to cancel the cruise if the captain could not assure a safe navigation. In such a case, our team will contact you by 22:00, a day before your sailing date. Cancellation fees incurred due to the reason above, will be waived.
  • If you have a reservation at Aquaholic Iritahama, please be reminded that the cancellation policy of Aquaholic Iritahama is independent from the cancellation policy or cancellation of the Cruise Charter.  The cancellation of cruise charter by guests or the captain do not trigger that of Aquaholic Iritahama nor vice-versa.
                                           Cancellation Policy


20%          from the time of reservation
30%          30 days prior to the reservation
65%          15 days prior to the reservation
80%          7 days prior to the reservation
100%        3 days prior to the reservation