Behind the crowded road, you may find road and mountain full of flowers

Consider Iritahama (Irita beach) to visit during this time of the year: “Behind the crowded road, you may find a road with a mountain full of flowers” — A Japanese saying that suggests you will gain more as a contrarian, by taking a road that others do not.  In spite of this more pleasant weather into the mid Spring, Iritahama is still considered off season around this time of the year.  Needless to say, Spring has already arrived early in Shimoda, putting Kawazu cherry blossoms in full bloom. The highest temperature this weekend (February 21st) is expected to be 21°C, pleasant enough for some chilled champagne in beach loungers.  Nonetheless, the beach may appear as if it is a private one just for you, a good reason to be convinced for a visit.  In the photo below taken last week, you will see only two people despite such a beautiful day!

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