Let’s celebrate the start of Spring and the Narcissus Festival at Aquaholic Iritahama!

As spring commenced, around 3 million wild daffodils envelop the vast scenic spot of Tsumekizaki in Suzaki, Shimoda every year. The blooming season is from December 20, 2019 to January 31, 2020. Various events are held during the festivities. There are stalls showcasing local produce and unique souvenirs of the place. The average temperature in Shimoda during the month of December is 12.4 °C, about 5 degrees higher than the 7.6°C in Tokyo. Shimoda’s climate has been the main attraction of other plants such as the aloe vera and wild hibiscus to thrive in the wild. What do you think about spending spring in Shimoda amidst fields covered with daffodils? Click here for more details of the Narcissus Festival.

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