What is Iritahama’s charm?

Shimoda showcases plenty of beautiful beaches such as Tatadohama, Ohama, Shirahama and Yumigahama.  But, amongst all of those mentioned beaches, only one has tickled the interests of many.  Call it love at first sight, since anyone who has visited Iritahama has been captivated by its sensational beauty.  Why do people choose Iritahama and what is its charisma that people wanted to return over and over? 

What makes Iritahama unique to other beaches in Japan?

The beaches in other parts of Japan in most cases don’t have houses on the beach.  The standard distance between a property from the beach line is a few hundred meters to a few kilometers away.  Contrary to that, you could see some properties in Iritahama are located just a few steps away from the shore.  Imagine staying at one of these magnificent properties, giving you a front row seat to the best view you could ever have.  There’s nothing comparable to the wonderful and sensational ambiance on the beach.  

Don’t get me wrong, even though some properties can be found near the beach at Irita, the place could be considered isolated as the place is vast and the properties are very distant from one another.  The beach, in comparison with other beaches around, are less overwhelmed and less crowded.  Take a plunge into the tranquil and solemn ambient of Iritahama.  A place where you hear nothing but the gentle waves caressing the shore and the consoling breeze.  You could picture yourself in a scene from the movies of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki.

Another astonishing factor of Iritahama is its Tiffany blue clear waters and powdery white sand beach.  I could name some famous beaches that have the same qualities; Hawaii, Caribbean, Phuket.  Yes! Those beaches are to die for.  However, for that dream escapade to be fulfilled, you will have to take a vacation leave from your job, get on the plane and travel for miles to get there.  What if you don’t have to leave Japan for your dream vacation?  You heard me right, Iritahama can be reached within a few hours by car from Tokyo.  Especially with the extension of the Izu Jukan Expressway completion, the distance from Tokyo is seemingly shortened.  Escape your rough and rigid routine for a while and stretch out those legs and visit Iritahama.

If you haven’t visited Iritahama, we recommend you should.  Merely reading beyond words would not suffice to describe this wonderful creation of nature.  After all, seeing is believing…

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