Iritahama is still warm today

As the chillier days draw in and temperatures begin to plummet into single figures. It will leave you wondering if going to the beach to relax would still be a good idea.

Blessed with the natural flow of warm water from the Kurushio current, Iritahama is still warm and perfect for surfing and swimming in mere 3mm wet suits. Hibiscus and aloe veras that do not normally blossom during the winter season in Tokyo are in full blooms in Iritahama. Take a glimpse of the beautiful photo of this tropical hibiscus along the roadside of the beach (photo taken last week).



If you are coming from Tokyo, and decide to visit Shimoda, the first thing you will discern is that Shimoda is much warmer than the former.  Today is no exception, the highest temperature expected in Shimoda is 16 degrees while Tokyo is expected to be at 10 degrees.  As a matter of fact, you can refer to the table below for the temperature forecasts for Shimoda and Shinjuku for next week.  The temperature differences between Shimoda and Tokyo is quite remarkable.  Normally, the difference between the two locations are expected to be more than 5 degrees celsius.  The lowest temperature in Shimoda is always in double digits.  If you can take a look at the table below, the temperature forecast for next Monday (December 7th) for Shimoda and Tokyo will have a whopping 7 degrees celsius difference.  It will indeed come out astonishing considering that Shimoda is only a few hours away from Tokyo.  



Another highlight that will tempt you to visit Shimoda is the upcoming Narcissus Festival which will start this December 20th. Witness these lovely flowers cape the entire peninsula and fill the air with its soothing fragrance, snatching you away to an early spring ambiance. If you want to escape the tension of the city, holiday rush and chillier days, we highly recommend Shimoda. You’ll get lost in a trance that spring is already here and you can relax and stretch out those feet into the warm cozy sun.

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