Self check-in available upon request

According to major booking sites in Japan, the spread of the coronavirus has created a new demand for vacation rentals which are accessible by your own vehicle from the Tokyo metropolitan area.   Aquaholic Iritahama is not an exception witnessing an increased number of inquiries over the past weeks.

It appears that the two main factors below have contributed largely to the rising demand for such accommodation according to the booking sites:

1) Social distancing:  Residing at private villa is a preferred option versus hotels and inns.

2) Public transportation not being required:  You can drive your own vehicle to reach the location.

In fact, a number of travelers who canceled their reservations for Hawaii and Guam have recently inquired  about our availability over the coming weeks.

As we face this increasing demand,  Aquaholic Iritahama will implement an option of self check-in procedure upon request, so as to better ensure the safety of incoming guests.  In this procedure, the staff will provide a house-guide booklet upon your check-in, replacing face-to-face orientation by the staff.  The staff will only confirm the number of the guests outside the villa in the distance.  Needless to say,  the whole villa is sanitized thoroughly before every check-in.  If you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach us via the contact form.