The development of the Izu Jyukando Highway has progressed, and now Aquaholic is much closer!

The development of the Izu-Jyukando Highway has progressed over the recent months, and driving down to Aquaholic from Tokyo is a way easier today.  In the past, the main route was to go south on Route 135 after the Atsugi-Odawara Road all the way down to Shimoda.  This conventional route was somewhat tiresome for drivers, especially during a number of curves on the narrow road beyond Atami through Ito.

Izu-Jyukando is different!  One of our staff tested the new route back and forth from Tokyo to Aquaholic the other day. There appeared to be significantly fewer curves than on Route 135, and the road width was sufficient.  As a result, the degree of fatigue of the driver was substantially lower.  Some of our recents guests said that they made it in two and a half hours from around Yoga Interchange in Tokyo (Please keep in mind the speed limit must be respected!).  2.5 hours from Tokyo is a little too fast, but not far off from the 3 hours that Google Map routing estimates for the new route.  Either way, the new route has lessened the driving hours substantially, compared to the conventional route which could take 30% plus more easily.  Izu-Jyukando is only half completed so far, but it seems already helping drivers enjoy less fatigue/driving hours.   Generally, I rarely believe in the endless road construction and associated expenditures by the government, but Izu-Jyukando may be an exception;)

Btw, the last inter exchange of Izu-Jyukando will be around Aquaholic, when it is completed, though it is still many years away!



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