A Perfect Getaway for a Nature-Filled Vacation

We need time to unwind after being burnt out from work. If you are hesitant to take a vacation for yourself, do it for your heart and brain. Studies have shown that taking a vacation improves heart health, boosts happiness and improves mental health. Being able to take a break from stress and your daily routines will allow your brain to create new ideas therefore, you will become more productive and your body to be more energetic and full of vigor.

Start planning your next getaway and book a vacation rental that will certainly fill your happiness meter. Aquaholic Iritahama, is a luxurious villa, located in Iritahama Beach in Shimoda. Take a break and revitalize your worn out body in a beautiful villa overlooking the majestic view of the beach. Enjoy a dip in the cool waters of Iritahama Beach or enjoy bonding with your family and friends over BBQ or simply soak in the jacuzzi with a bottle of wine while watching the sunset.  Everything about nature soothes the physical body and soul.

While in Shimoda, you can visit the following nature spots:

Ryugukutsu Cave

A great reference to a famous saying, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” by Lao Tzu is the Ryugukutsu Cave. The astounding formation of the cave is a result of the natural waves constantly hitting the shore. When you get a chance to view the cave in a drone, you will see that the cave is in fact heart-shaped which makes it a popular attraction to couples who wants to spend a romantic time with each other. On top of that, the place is so calming and quiet. The cave’s wall interior is composed of layers of frozen lava that has a distinct yellowish color that compliments the vibrant azure blue color of the sea. The entire cave is truly amazing and photo worthy.

Shimoda Park

Shimoda Park is located on a hill just about a 20 minute walk from Izukyu-Shimoda Station. The park has different entrances; one entrance is located near the Shimoda Aquarium while another entrance is at the eastern side of Perry Road. Walk among the heavenly trail of the park filled with beautiful hydrangeas. In fact, the park celebrates Hydrangea Festival annually in the entire month of June to showcase the blooming of over 2 million hydrangeas. You can also see the historic monument of the Opening of US-Japan Diplomatic Relations which was built in 1957 in the park. Breathtaking view of the Izu Peninsula and Shimoda can also be witnessed from the various trails of the park.

Tsumekizaki Park

Tsumekizaki Park is an impressive seaside park located between Shirahama Beach and Dogashima. The park has a stunning sea view, relaxing trails for walking, a majestic old lighthouse and a garden full of different kinds of flowers, including the narcissus which the locals celebrate each year as soon as 3 million of these flowers come in full bloom during December. The entire garden scape is transformed into a grand white cape of narcissus flowers. Proceeding to the west side of the park is the Tawaraiso- a peculiar looking column of rocks that seemed piled cautiously over each other. These rocks are volcanic sills that are formed when magma from underwater volcanoes interlope between rocks.

If you are looking for an amazing vacation rental in Shimoda, book Aquaholic Iritahama.

Aquaholic Iritahama is a luxurious villa amidst the white powdery sand and cool blue water of Iritahama Beach. Stay at our lovely villa and get a front row seat to the best ocean view. On top of that, since the entire beach is vast and the distance between the properties at Iritahama Beach is a few hundred meters to a few kilometers away, you will definitely experience exclusivity, privacy and solitude during your stay.