Dear Aquaholic Iritahama,


The following rules are an integral part of our cruise.  Therefore, this pledge will be an agreement that I will follow the items listed below as a passenger of the Cruise Charter.

Boarding and Operation

  • Exercise caution and safety on board.  Follow the captain and the crew’s instructions at all times.
  • Parents and guardians shall take responsibility for the safety of minors aboard during the cruise.
  • Consider one’s health condition when swimming into the sea.
  • Never swim into the sea when intoxicated.
  • If bad weather is announced, resulting in unsafe navigation, a cancellation of the cruise may be ruled out by the captain’s decision to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew or in certain unavoidable situations wherein the cruise may be suspended due to the captain and the crew’s schedule.  In such cases, our team will contact you by 22:00, a day before your sailing date.  Cancellation fees incurred due to the reasons above, will be waived.


Payments for the Cruise Charter should be made via credit card. An online invoice from Square will be sent to your registered email address. Please pay through the online invoice within 48 hours upon receipt. If you fail to complete the payment within 48 hours, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cruise charters should be held even during light rain and moderate wind.
  • If you have a reservation at Aquaholic Iritahama, please be reminded that the cancellation policy of Aquaholic Iritahama is independent from the cancellation of the Cruise Charter (please see cancellation policy below). The cancellation of cruise charter by guests or the captain do not trigger that of Aquaholic Iritahama nor vice-versa.
  • From the time of reservation 20%
    30 days prior to the reservation 50%
    15 days prior to the reservation 65%
    7 days prior to the reservation 80%
    3 days prior to the reservation 100%


The number of passengers are as follows: