Celebrate the Blackship Festival in Shimoda for the First Time in 3 Years

The Blackship Festival or locally known as Kurofune Matsuri has long been celebrated since 1934 as a commemoration of the arrival of Admiral Perry of the US Navy in 1854 which opened the port of Shimoda to the world. The festival is not only celebrated to spread the city’s rich history but also to commemorate international goodwill. One of the anticipated activities during the festival is the parade where you can see people dressed in the traditional Kimono and American historical navy uniforms. Hula dance shows and concerts are also one of the highlights of the festival. The main event of the festivity is the fireworks display which will be set in the Shimoda Port and will be launched from four different locations. The fireworks display is very breathtaking and festive. Come and experience this historic festival in Shimoda. Festival dates: May 21st (Saturday) and May 22nd (Sunday). Click here for more information.