“Go To Travel” discounts are available in Aquaholic Iritahama!

Aquaholic has been approved by the Japan Tourism Agency and is now eligible for the “Go-To Travel” campaign. Starting today, you can already apply for the campaign by booking Aquaholic through Ikyu.com. Applying for the Go-To Travel campaign is very simple and once the campaign is applied on the reservation, you can then enjoy a maximum discount of up to 14,000 yen for each person per night (up to 35% of the total room rate). In addition to that, Ikyu is also giving out a 5% discount on the total room rate for every confirmed reservation. That makes it up to 40% off of the total room rate!

As you may know, Aquaholic has 2 wings and the maximum number of guests that each wing can accommodate is 6 adults. Let’s say for example that you have a reservation for 6 people in one wing on August 20 with a rate of ¥268,000 per night (tax included). If we apply the Go-To Travel campaign (14,000 yen per person up to 35% of the total rate) plus the Ikyu discount (5% of the total room rate) on this reservation, then the maximum discount that you can enjoy is ¥97,400. That means that you will only be paying ¥170,600 per night (up to 40% discount!). The discount for the Go-To Travel campaign is applied per night and it does not limit the number of nights a reservation can have. The longer you stay, the more you can benefit!

The Go-To Travel campaign is valid until January 2021, but it will end immediately once the government’s budget allocation of 1.7 trillion yen is reached. So, we recommend that you make a reservation as early as possible to enjoy the discounts.

Click here to make a reservation at Ikyu.com.

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